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about pure and simple cremations

Pure & Simple Cremations offer a cremation without a ceremony, sometimes referred to as a Direct Cremation or an Unattended Cremation. This is different to a traditional funeral service as there are no attendees and no service.

It offers a no fuss, simple and cost-effective funeral, arranged and conducted by our funeral directors.

Our funeral directors have a wealth of experience and local knowledge, ensuring high standards of service at all times. Regardless of the simplicity of these arrangements, the care and attention you and your loved one will receive will be no different to that of any other funeral we arrange.

Pure & Simple Cremations provide dignified, respectful care for your loved one, whilst offering support and guidance for you and your family at this difficult time.

The funeral director will simply accompany the coffin to the crematorium on a date and time arranged by us.

This is designed to meet the needs of families or individuals who would prefer not to arrange a traditional funeral. This may be due to family circumstances, financial situations or simply personal choices. Families occasionally choose to plan a memorial service or a service of thanks giving at a later date, and we are more than happy to help you arrange this.

About Pure and Simple Cremations

A Simple Guide

What's Included

  • We will bring the person who has died into our care any time of day or night. This may be from home, hospital or nursing home
  • The fees for an unattended cremation. The time and the place of the cremation will be at the discretion of the funeral director
  • Doctor's fees (if applicable)
  • A funeral director to make all the necessary arrangements
  • A simple wood effect coffin
  • Funeral vehicle to transport the deceased to the crematorium

Fully Inclusive price £1495.00

Extra charges may apply for distances out of our area and oversized coffins

What's Not Included

  • Visiting of the person who has died
  • No mourners are able to attend the crematorium
  • No funeral service will be held
  • It is not possible to choose the crematorium or the date and time of the cremation
A Simple Guide from Pure and Simple Cremations

What Happens Next

Our aim is to make the arranging process as simple as possible.

A phone call is all we need, day or night.

We will then bring your loved one into our care and attend to their needs, arranging doctors’ visits if required. We will provide a wood effect coffin. In certain situations it may be necessary to take your loved one to the local hospital.

One of our funeral directors will then contact you to arrange a meeting. This may be at your home, in our offices or in some cases by telephone or via email.

During this meeting we will discuss the funeral and answer any concerns or questions you may have. We will also complete all the relevant paperwork and guide you how to register the death. Costs and methods of payment will then be discussed.

The cremation will then take place as soon as possible. The place, date and time of the cremation will be at the discretion of the funeral director. We will then send you a remembrance card and documentation confirming when and where the cremation took place.

There are then a few options regarding ashes

  • The ashes can be scattered in the garden of remembrance by crematorium officials with no one present
  • The ashes can be collected in person from the crematorium
  • The ashes can be collected in person from our offices
  • The ashes can be sent recorded delivery to your address – postage costs would apply
What happens next Pure and Simple Cremations

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